Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Celebrate Your Independence

The 4th is always a fun holiday...hang out, grill, sparklers, fireworks, parades. It's a great time to celebrate because freedom and the values of our forefathers are truly a gift. Hope you're able to get into the spirit like Buster & Athena!

We tried to celebrate outdoors until Mother Nature decided she wanted to have her own firework show by granting us a thunderstorm. What would a true Mid-West 4th of July be without a thunderstorm? I'm sure it will blow over and everyone will be out grilling again.

Happy 4th...rain or shine...


Anita said...

Kristine - Love the bandanas!! They look adoreable. Sadie had one too...but she did NOT like the fireworks display! Sorry we missed you in Jeff City...I'll look for you at Smithville!

krislars said...

Hey Anita...yah, my dogs aren't a huge fan of fireworks. Buster barks like a mad man trying to protect us all.

I'm bummed we missed you too! Hope everything is going okay. Mark has to update his blog about the wasn't as hot as I thought it would be, but still hot. Long drive. I think Smithville will be the last FT race he does this year...time to start focusing of cross apparently. See you Sunday!!!