Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Roma! Roma! Roma!

Ciao from Rome! We got here safely albeit very tired from the flight. Tomorrow we leave for Toscana and take our lives in our hands (driving in Italy). We did most of Rome in 2 days...everything but the Vatican. Next time.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

A Few of My Favorite Things

Everyone loves babies...but when they are your babies, you love them most. Kate and William are 'my babies' - at least that's how I refer to them. Technically, they are my niece and nephew and if anyone loves them more, that's my sister and her husband, Brad. I take dibs on loving them most after their parents. I hate that I am so far away from them, but I can safely say, I think about them many times a day - in my thoughts and prayers - and send them love across the miles all the time (and like a good Auntie, I spoil them with care packages).

Every day when I talk to my sister, I get to hear Will's little newborn baby coos and Katie's latest word (is there anything cutier than the high pitched baby "hi!" - ???!!!).

It's hard being far away from these darlings, but luckily, a phone call or a webcam is all I need to keep them close in heart until our next personal visit. Hugs and Kisses babies!