Wednesday, June 27, 2007

June 22nd...A Big Day

What a lucky Aunt I am! Two adorable kids entered my life on the same day...granted Kate came first by one year...still June 22nd now has a lock on my heart thanks to these beautiful babies. I think this special day has a lock on all our hearts now.

I decided to look up other important events that happened on June 22nd...

June 22, 1377 Richard II succeeds Edward III as king of England

June 22, 1633 Galileo Galilei forced to recant Earth orbits Sun by Pope (but on Oct 31, 1992, Vatican admits it was wrong)

June 22, 1775 1st Continental currency issued ($3,000,000)

June 22, 1847 Doughnut created

June 22, 1870 Congress creates Department of Justice

June 22, 1870 1st Boardwalk in America invented

June 22, 1910 1st Zeppelin with passengers sets afloat

June 22, 1930 Lou Gehrig hits 3 home runs in a game, Ruth hits 3 in doubleheader

June 22, 1939 Future Queen Elizabeth of England meets future husband Philip

June 22, 1944 Franklin D. Roosevelt signs "GI Bill of Rights",

June 22, 1958 Game in Kansas City between A's and Red Sox delayed 29 minutes due to tornado

June 22, 1961 Beatles record Aint She Sweet, Cry for a Shadow, When the Saints Go Marching In, Why, Nobody's Child and My Bonnie, in Hamburg

June 22, 1962 1st test flight of Hoovercraft

June 22, 1970 President Nixon signs 26th amendment, voting age lowered to 18

June 22, 1976 San Diego Padre pitcher Randy Jones ties record of 68 innings without a walk

June 22, 1982 Prince Chuck and Lady Di take Prince William home from hospital

June 22, 1983 NHL institutes a 5 minute sudden death overtime period

There's more on the list of course, but that last one is vitally important. (heehee)

Anyway...lots of important things have happened on June 22nd, but none as important as the birth of two shiney happy babies. Happy Birthday Kate and are so very loved.

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