Sunday, March 30, 2008

ET phone home!

Some may think she's an extra-terrestrial, to me, she's my Staffie Bull Terrier that's just misunderstood. She's may look tough, but she's a true softie. A friendly, happy snuggle bug of a dog. The antithesis of tough and mean, she'll do anything to please...including dressing up and taking funny pictures. If only Mark's bike had a basket on the front, we could have really gotten our ET on camera!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Really? It's Race Time Again?

It's started again. Mark's Mountain Bike season has started...sort of. The weather here isn't really cooperating. It seems we just can't 'spring' out of winter. First race, postponed, second race - well, that's a whole story in and of itself - and third race, postponed.

Driving out to the race last weekend, I told Mark that "I wasn't mentally prepared for race season". He said he wasn't really either. Apparently not many people were...including the race promoters. There was a start delay and other bumps that had them off to a rocky start. It was still a nice day to be was actually pretty nice so I was happy for the excuse to just sit in the fresh air.

I think everyone is soooooo sick of winter that we're all just sort of stuck in winter blahs mode. I'm so sick of it, I might (stress on the 'might') just welcome my foe, the cicada! For those of you that know me well, you know that's pretty drastic..and a little melodramatic!

Anyway...ready or not, racing is back...I'm just wishing Spring was back too.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Stop the Obamadness!

I was thinking of things to Blog about since I hadn't in a while. Not much new, same ol' same ol. Today I was reading the news headlines on Yahoo! and saw a headline "Can Clinton Victories Slow Obama-mentum"...and blam! Something for me to write about!


At first it was kinda funny (ie. SNL "you owe Obama girl a big Obamapology!") but it's gotten out of out of hand that the has started the 'Encylopedia Barracktannica' (click the 'more' button on the widget above to see more obamisms).

All I can say is if I'm this fired up now, I am not sure I can wait until November...let alone another 4 years. *sigh* I guess you just have to laugh...(some are pretty funny).