Monday, July 16, 2007

First Mountain Bike Season Behind Me...

Mark may be standing in first place on the podium, but I think I'm deserving of my own award...I've completed my first mountain bike season as photographer and 'water replenisher'. Mark and his friends have done a great job of introducing me to the sport and making me feel a part of this rogue, traveling band of cycling enthusiasts. I've been places I never would have gone and seen things I never would have seen...lakes, parks, small country towns, rows and rows of corn, a giant orange gorilla (I'll elaborate on this later) and so much more.

Mark has wrapped up both Heartland and MidWest Fat Tire racing series by winning his category, so we get to reclaim our Sundays. Time to focus on Cyclo-Cross I'm told. Just when I learn the ins and outs of mountain biking, I am thrown into another new sport. I'm actually looking forward to it! MORE COW BELL!

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Anita said...

It has been nice to have another "groupie" to visit with!! Sure makes the time go by faster! Email me