Sunday, November 30, 2008

Snow, Everywhere Snow!

Today was the first snow day of the season. There is nothing as peaceful as waking to a fresh blanket of snow on a Sunday morning. Everything seems so still and calm. I love seeing nature so untouched. Of course as the day goes on it's clear that nothing stays still for long.

One of my favorite things in the whole world is watching my dogs lay fresh paw prints in the snow as they excitedly explore the new white wonder that wasn't there the day before. They each have a different reaction. Buster barrels through the snow - leaping and jumping and running his muzzle through it. Louise toddles around - slowing checking things out and getting snow bits on her face that blend in with her little white westie fur. And...Athena. Poor Athena. She charges out with the rest of the dogs but then quickly realizes how totally cold it is outside. She gingerly tiptoes through the snow then when her curiosity of this new white stuff is squelched she's done! She bolts back into the house never to go back out in it again (really, I have to leash her and drag her out). Time to dig out her sweaters and jackets!

The pic is their pawprints in their very first outing in the new snow...Louise's on the far left, Buster's down the middle and Athena's well, she starts down the middle but goes down the far right. It's also interesting to look at the prints...Lou prints are sure and steady, Buster's are 2 per step b/c he ran down the stairs and'll note all four paws as she very cautiously bunny hopped down. Exactly their personalities...too cute!

Speaking of tracks in the was the first cyclocross race in the Mark was happy to lay some tracks of his own.

Happy Snow Day!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Lights, Fireworks and American Idol

After our quiet Thanksgiving dinner, Mark and I decided to do down to the Plaza Lighting Ceremony. It's always very festive but this year it was particularly crowded because American Idol Winner, David Cook was there. I think everyone thought he was going to perform or something but he was only there to 'flip the switch' on the lights.

Anyway, we got there, found a place to park, got our hot chocolate and joined the masses to watch all kinds of stage acts. Entertaining and thankfully not too cold out. Then about 30 minutes into the program they (David Cook, brother and niece) turned the lights on in a very NYEve-esque countdown. Very cool to see the lights come on. Then there were fireworks and more entertainment.

Following the fireworks we decided to leave...that's were chaos ensued. I have never seen more driving dysfunction in all my life. It was a mess trying to get out of there. But after slightly raised tension levels we managed to get out of the traffic and safely home...thankful to have peace, quiet and relaxation again.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Some Things I am Thankful for...

May you all find time to reflect, relax and be thankful this holiday. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A Legacy Begins...

Yeah! My brother and sister-in-law are expecting their first child. A happy healthy baby girl will join our clan in January. We are all so excited!

It occurred to me after the initial excitement wore off that she will be the 'first-born baby girl Larsen'! Just like me!

I joke with Michelle that I think Kate should be mine because she's got this innate, fantastic design color sense and she loves dogs! And I feel this tremendous attachment to Will when I hold him, it's like we share this calm sensitivity that I know I'll learn more about when he gets older...but this new baby girl and I will share a unique and special 'generational make up' as the eldest Larsen daughter.

It will be amazing to see life repeat itself...and I'm sure it will be very touching for my father to see Craig holding his new first-born baby girl. The circle of life brings some amazing deja vous moments, doesn't it?

Congrats to Craig & Kirsten...all my love.