Sunday, April 27, 2008

White Dog Goes Green

No, Louise hasn't taken on a 'green lifestyle'...she's literally turned green. She had a great day rolling around in the grass and is now covered in grass stains! Anyone know how to get grass stains out of white fur?????

Spring is here! (and so are the Dandelions)

Spring is FINALLY here! Everyone is so relieved that it's warming up after a totally drawn out, cold, miserable winter. We have had a lot of rainstorms however which have completely derailed Mark's racing. Just about every race has been canceled.

With the race canceled today, Mark's found good use of his 'extra' time. It seems eradicating dandelions is almost a combat sport...especially when you have a yard the size of a football field!

Guess dandelions are the price you pay for warm weather. For Mark's sake, I hope the next few weeks see less dandelions and more racing.