Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Mini Adventure Into The Past

A few weeks ago, on the way home from a bike race (in the middle of nowhere) Mark and I stopped off in Jamesport MO. Jamesport is a quaint little town trapped in time. When you visit Jamesport, you can't help but feel like you're an intruder from the future. Women in long skirts & bonnets, hats on bearded men and horse-drawn carriages are the norm here...if you see anyone at all. I think you could have heard a pin drop in this quintessential western ghost town scene.

We found an antique shop open, welcoming us with a friendly "Yes we're open", so we explored for awhile. Coffee grinders and locks that looked like they came from the turn of the century. Baby booties from the 20's. An impressive collection of Coke bottles that could have been in the Coke museum. Silverware and photos that held secrets of their past. Lunch boxes and McDonald's Happy Meal glasses that Mark and I remembered growing up which somehow connected us to this store and town of the past.

I guess we all have a past... it's important to remember that while our pasts are unique, we share it with people, places and things. So next time you come across a small town that has as an old store with a "Yes, we're open" sign...take a step in. You may be pleasantly whisked away to the past in a mini adventure of your own.

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