Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Take Time to STOP and Do What You Love

I feel somewhat enlightened this morning. It's a beautiful morning here this morning...crisp, Spring morning where the air and sunlight is just perfect.

Normally mornings are rushed and slightly crazed as you run through your mental checklist of chores and to-dos for the day while you gulp down coffee. This morning was different...thanks to Lou.

We let Lou outside to 'do her thing'...usually she relieves herself and comes back in to join the frantic morning fray as we bob and weave around her in the kitchen, but this morning was different. This morning she strolled out onto the lawn and walked over to the daffodils and had a sniff around. Then she spotted a squirrel in the tree (her favorite pastime in the world is squirrel hunting). She sat her chunky little rump down and quietly watched the squirrel in the tree...not to hunt it, but to just sit and 'be with the squirrel'. I can only assume this was a very calm zen moment for her.

Normally we'd yell at her to get back into the house because we had 'things to do and places to be', but it was too perfect of a moment. Instead we stopped and watched her, watching the squirrel. It was nice to just 'stop'.

In that very calm perfect moment, with the crisp air and perfect sunlight...Lou reminded us to take time to STOP and do what you love. Leave it to a dog to remind me of the important things in life. Thank you Lou...

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