Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Crazy and Cute

I adore my niece and nephew. Even though they are far away, I am ever fascinated by how they are growing into these little people. They each have their own personalities. Can you guess who is 'crazy' and who is 'cute'?

Kate is cute, yes, but she's totally crazy. She's this tough little girly girl - carrying around her purse as she scales furniture (or anything she can climb). Friends with everyone and without an ounce of fear. A social climber in the making? Perhaps. The Class Clown? Likely.

Will is cute and cuter. He's sweet and angelic. When you hold him you just feel this sense of gentle warmth radiating from him. He's very determined and growing so much each day. He's just now sharing his personality with us and it's amazing to hear about his accomplishments. I got to hear his laugh today for the first time and - uh, be still my heart! A baby laugh is too adorable for words. I have a feeling William will be studious, competitive and kind. A perfect gentleman? Definitely.

I adore them both with all my heart and look forward to seeing more of their personalities shine as they grown and learn more about who they are. To quote one my favorite people (Kate), "wuv yuuuuu" little babies!

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