Monday, February 04, 2008

6 More Weeks of Winter...Blah!

Punxsutawney Phil says we'll have 6 more weeks of Winter. We're all a little depressed about it, especially Louise. She longs to sit outside on the deck and squirrel hunt instead of passively watching the squirrels from inside.

Athena seeks out any tiny patch of sunlight shining in the window that she can find. A typical cat trait, I know, but Athena basically has no fur! She's like a sundial...she follows the warm sun rays wherever they go and I can predict where she is in the house depending on the time of day.

Buster...well...Buster is indifferent. He likes all kinds of weather. He's got the coat to handle the winter weather and loves to play in the snow. In the summer he'll just shed (ugh!) and gladly exchange snow for his doggie pool.

Mark and I? Sooooo ready for warm weather. It's this time of year that any CA native that says they 'love the seasons' will inevitably curse the cold weather and not so secretly admit that they miss the standard year-round 60 degree averages of non-seasonal CA.

We will ALL be counting down to the exit of the winter blahs.

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Anita said...

Athena sounds like Sadie sitting in the sun...lack of fat is her problem. Hopefully the little taste of Spring yesterday helps you through. I'm ready to get out again, too!!