Thursday, December 06, 2007

Christmas with Kate

Had a great weekend celebrating the holidays with my family...Dad, Carole, Craig, Kirsten, Carrie, Mikayla, Michelle, Brad, Kate, Will and Mark. We missed seeing Stacie, Brad and Nathan as well as my Aunt Wendy and family, who we usually get to see at the holidays. It's amazing we managed to get the crew together that we did! It was soooo wonderful to see everyone and spend time together.

BIG shout out to Michelle and Brad who allowed us to descend on their house and convert it to full blown holidays mode within 24 hours - tree, lights, fancy table, gifts - the whole nine yards. A great time was had by was fun to help the Warezak's decorate and even more fun to kick-off the holidays together.

As you can see, Kate has had a 'preview' of Christmas morning. This is a photo of her after opening her gift from Mark and I (apropos given Mark is an expert/pro cyclist). It's a Red Rider scooter, which we call a pre-trike. It was a huge hit, especially after Michelle pointed out the bell! I actually caught her scooting around on it the next day in the living room when no one was looking! She just got on and started playing/riding around! We hope she'll have lots of fun on it and look forward to providing her with the upgraded trike when she can reach the pedals.

I can probably speak for everyone when I say that this weekend really made it feel like the holiday season. It was so nice to see everyone without the stress of the actual holiday too. I was really looking forward to spending time with the babies, but didn't realize how much fun it was to also just watch Craig, Dad, Kirsten et al spending time with the babies as well. Those babies are so loved, it's wonderful to see firsthand.

Here's to the next holiday (Easter? June 22? - yes it's a holiday!)...hopefully we'll get to do it again, and hopefully we'll get to see more family members.

Cheers to a great start to the holiday season!

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