Sunday, December 09, 2007

Crazy Is As Crazy Does...

As a CA native, I find the sport of CycloCross slightly insane. 16 degrees? riding on snow and ice? riding up hills/down hills? hurdling over barriers? Crazy!!!

But as I stood out in the snow all bundled up I felt oddly nostalgic for my snow skiing days. It occurred to me that riding your bike in the snow is not that far from strapping skis on your feet, swooshing down a mountain, hitting moguls at tops speeds and dodging other skiers and trees. I suppose if you hit a patch of ice you'll get slammed to the ground equally hard in both sports. At least in cyclocross they wear helmets!

Here's a video of Mark from today's race, the KS State Championships. He took 3rd place.
Way to go, Crazy! ;-)

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