Monday, May 11, 2009

Things I've Learned From A Little White Dog

I am eternally grateful for 'the little white dog' coming into my life. It is through my Little Louise that I have learned some valuable life lessons:

* Being soft and cuddly in appearance and attitude will help you make friends.
* It helps to tilt your head as you listen intently to the person talking to you, that way they KNOW you understand.
* Lying on your back while stretching our your arms and legs out to expose your belly is actually a very comfortable way to sleep.
* Always be on the look out for things to chase goals, squirrels, it's all the same.
* Be assertive...if you have to assert yourself, a good clean well-timed 'snap' is all it takes to show your standing in the 'pack'.
* Most of the time a gentle growl gets the point across, but sometimes you may have to give it all you got with one loud bark to make people really hear you.
* Enjoy the sun, but don't sit in it too long our your pink skin will burn.
* You're never too old to make new friends and learn new things.
* Always be available to 'warm up' a friend in need.
* Treats should be part of your diet, just watch your waistline.
* On a cold day, snuggling up is a great way to spend the day.
* Adore the people who care about you - relentlessly.
* Even if you don't feel well, put on a smiley will make you look and feel better.
* A good groom is essential to feeling good about yourself.
* Bring a little unconditional love to everyone you meet.
* If someone is sad, all you need to do is sit with them...words aren't necessary, but your closeness is.
* Don't be afraid to have fun and get dirty...there is always a product to get 'sparkly white' clean again.
* To feel really free, stick your face to the wind and let it blow your hair back.
* Open your heart and you'll find your forever family.
* Love and Be Loved.

Yes, I've learned all that from a West Highland White Terrier...and so much more. While I miss LouLou so deeply it hurts, I feel so lucky to have learned so much from her. Rest in Peace my little white angel. You will always have a special place in my heart - Forever. Thank you for bringing 'love' into my life...I am eternally grateful.

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Happy Chick said...

This is a beautiful tribute to Lou. She's lucky to have had such a long, wonderful life with caring parents.