Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Big Bunny Meets Big Dog - An Easter Tale

This is one of my absolute favorite pictures in the world - nevermind that it's of one of my favorite people in the world, Kate. I adore this photo for so many reasons. It shows a connection - you can really see Kate and this dog bonding. It shows that Kate is fearless and that large 'bully' dogs aren't so mean. It shows the love between a little girl and dogs, and the love between dogs and kids. It tells a story. I imagine it goes something like this: Kate says, "hello friendly dog, you're the biggest dog I've ever seen!", Mastiff replies "why hello cute bunny, you're the biggest bunny I've ever seen!". They both excitedly shout, "LET'S BE FRIENDS!"

Here's to meeting new 'Springtime friends' and celebrating Easter with big cute bunnies and big friendly dogs.


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