Saturday, November 29, 2008

Lights, Fireworks and American Idol

After our quiet Thanksgiving dinner, Mark and I decided to do down to the Plaza Lighting Ceremony. It's always very festive but this year it was particularly crowded because American Idol Winner, David Cook was there. I think everyone thought he was going to perform or something but he was only there to 'flip the switch' on the lights.

Anyway, we got there, found a place to park, got our hot chocolate and joined the masses to watch all kinds of stage acts. Entertaining and thankfully not too cold out. Then about 30 minutes into the program they (David Cook, brother and niece) turned the lights on in a very NYEve-esque countdown. Very cool to see the lights come on. Then there were fireworks and more entertainment.

Following the fireworks we decided to leave...that's were chaos ensued. I have never seen more driving dysfunction in all my life. It was a mess trying to get out of there. But after slightly raised tension levels we managed to get out of the traffic and safely home...thankful to have peace, quiet and relaxation again.

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