Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Mountain Bike season 2008 came and went. Rain outs, travel, heat, gas prices and a serious case of burn out made this a short season. I only attended 5 races (of 6, I think) and didn't have to tag along on any serious road trips.

I remember heading to the first race at Clinton Lake, I said to Mark, "I really don't think I'm ready for this". He agreed. I am not sure if it was a continued case of the Winter doldrums or if I was sensing his burn out or what...but the 'mountain bike thing' never really kicked in.

When he raced, he raced great...and I know he genuinely enjoyed it when he actually got out there and hit the trails w/ the guys... and the Heartland crew ALWAYS put on amazing gigs...but this year he seemed 'unattached'. That's the best way I can describe it. I got the sense that it wasn't just Mark either. I think the horrible Winter that took over Spring sucked up a lot of enthusiasm that's usually reserved for the sport.

While I didn't clock as many spectator hours on the MTB trails this year, I've been told that 'spare time' will be cashed in during Cross season.

I came home the other day to find Mark standing in the garage all googly-eyed working on his spare cross bike. That look, coupled by the goofy smile on his face, instantly let me know that there will be NO burn out for Cross season. In fact, I think the countdown is on until the mountain bike gets hung up...10 more days to be exact!

Funny, but I think I am actually ready for Cyclo-Cross season too. Something about brisk air, misty mornings and crunchy leaves on the ground are very appealing right now and has me saying, "Hang it up and hand over the cowbell!"


Ben aka "Good Ben" said...

Wow. So you really feed off his emotional state that much? Spectating can be arduous at times, but the shared camaraderie and the hanging out can be some good quality "friend time" with some fellow spectators.

krislars said...

I think we are both ready for the change in seasons. I love being a spectator (trust me, if I didn't he'd be at those races solo) but the heat and bugs wear you out towards the end of the season. Everyone at all the races keeps talking about cyclo-cross and how 'ready they are'. Should be fun to see everyone all psyched and pumped at the first cyclo-cross race.