Saturday, July 12, 2008

Oh Buster...

Buster is on the mend...again. He's had another bout with his hemolytic anemia. Now that it's affected a third organ (this time his joints), he's been diagnosed with Lupus. Poor pup. He's doing much better and starting to walk a little better (he's been limping/not using one hind leg for over 5 weeks).

I'm very thankful he's doing better. Buster and I have very deep connection. I swear he knows my every thought - I can just think the word 'walk' and he gives me that excited 'let's go!' look even if I haven't said a word. At 8 years old, it's too early for him to be so ill. He's being placed on 'maintain' meds that he'll have to take forever in hopes he stays healthy.

Other than limping, he's acting fine...playing with tennis balls and being his demanding self. Upside of having a bad leg means he can't jump, can't say I miss that. Lou has taken to following Buster around and sitting right next to him. I think she knows he's sick. A dog's sixth sense is really amazing.

Send good thoughts for Buster!


Ben aka "Good Ben" said...

That is heartbreaking about Buster. Sounds like he's not lacking any loving though.

krislars said...

In updated Buster news...last week he broke a tooth, which required emergency surgery and which found an abscessed tooth (that probably caused this last bout with his anemia) AND he ate an entire Costco sized bag of trail mix when we weren't watching requiring us to pour hydrogen peroxide and salt down his throat to induce vomitting! (raisins and chocolate are highly toxic to dogs!)

Ohhhh Buster... *sigh*