Saturday, March 07, 2009

Daylight Savings!

It's here! DST! I love Daylight Savings Time. Granted, losing an hour is sort of a drag but I'll gladly cash in an hour of sleep to have longer evenings. For me, DST is not just about 'time', it's about Spring - warm weather, more outside time, more dinners on the deck, dogs snoring in the sunlight, reading a book in the crisp clean air and basically not having to come and go under the cover of darkness (nothing worse than going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark!).

This morning, the day before actual DST, I woke up at 6am. Not many Saturdays am I up at 6am! Sleeping in has become such a luxury in my mind that at first I just wanted to go back to sleep. Since I have to take Athena to swim therapy, I decided to just get going on my day. And...I have to's actually kind of nice to be up and around early. Something about a calm, quiet, warm morning that is very energizing. I know I'll be tired later today, but I'm just getting a head start on the DST transition. ;-)

I decided to look into the origins of Daylight Savings Time on Wiki...figures it was a golfer who first conceptualized the formal DST we know today. The prominent English builder and outdoorsman William Willett conceived DST in 1905 during a pre-breakfast ride, when he observed with dismay how many Londoners slept through a large part of a summer day. An avid golfer, he also disliked cutting short his round at dusk. Growing up with a father who was on the course swinging by 7am every weekend, it makes perfect sense!

Getting up early has it's advantages. I feel like I've gotten a lot more out of my day and feel more productive. Now with the evenings longer, I can sleep in and not feel guilty! Yeah DST!

Here's to socializing with neighbors in the street after work, long evening walks, dinners on the grill and longer days to enjoy the good things in life! Hope you find lots of fun ways to use your extra daylight hours!


Rich Larsen said...

Actually I understand that Benjamin Franklin first thought of daylight savings time in order to save candle wax! Dad.

krislars said...

That's true! He did mention it to the French gov while he was living there as Ambassador - or something like that. It took a golfer to conceive of and get the idea moving apparently.

whole story is on Wiki - gotta love Wiki...