Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Vintage Mark

Great old photos of Mark! Cycling is clearly a lifelong passion for him. I could have posted some really embarrassing photos of him, but feared that he would retaliate on his blog with some scary pic of me from the 80s or something!

I have MUCH more where this came from (including some classic mullet shots), so if you'd like blackmail material, just shot me an email and name your price!


Chris Locke said...

Mark's age is approaching is BMX racing number.

Great photos, but I don't know what to say about that ponytail...

Mark Studnicki said...

A few notes about those pics:

The first one obviously is from the 1991 World cup at Mammoth California. I'd already by racing mtb's 4 years at this point. I remember doing well, but honestly have no other memory of that race. Note the Manitou fork...in 1991. I couldn't pull off that ponytail today, but it was working back them.

The BMX pic is around 1983/84

the 3rd pic is from my "Dream Season" riding for Specialized/Nantucket Nectar.

krislars said...

I changed the order of the photos - oldest to more recent.

I had to post the BMX pic...pre-mountain bike days. Look how young he looks! Then the ponytail...well, Mark always talks about how he had a ponytail, so there it is! He's not lying! And I know how much he loved racing under Nankucket Nectar, so had to post that. Plus I like that he traded in the CA surfer ponytail for some 'killer' sideburns!

Anita said...

OH MY LORD!! I was in THIRD grade in 1983!!! ha ha

krislars said...

oh now your just making us ALL feel old Anita! That would be freshman year of HS for Mark and I!