Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Back to the Races

Back from Italy and back to the same ol' grind. I'll write more about Italy in future posts. It was a great trip and while it's great to be back with the dogs, I do miss 'la dolce vita'. We've been back 3 weeks now and not only are we back to work, home life, midwest living...we're 'back to the races'.

Cyclocross season has started and I've already had a decent dose. Two races under my belt and I think I get it. It's definitely a different scene than mountain biking - new crew of racers & bystanders, pumping music (although I think I got an overdose of Paula Abdul on Sunday's race), play-by-play announcers and clanging cowbells. It was reassuring to see the return of the BIG ORANGE GORILLA that ended the mountain bike season. Good to see some things are the same as mountain biking!

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